Business Analyst

Worldwide | Information Technology | Full-time

Apply by: Aug. 27, 2021

BioNews Employee Value Proposition
Be part of a special organization whose passion and culture are all about its patients. Contribute to helping our patient communities have a better quality of life. Learn about healthcare. Learn about rare diseases. Learn about publishing. Learn about research. Grow personally and professionally through direct engagement in how we deliver our services. Bring your passion to advocate for those living with rare diseases. Help spread awareness about the daily challenges that most will never have to face. We “live our culture”. Join us and make a difference. We are very proud of the fact that we employ actual rare disease patients who contribute to our business.

Who is BioNews
BioNews Services is a leading online health, science, publication, and research company that exists for one purpose: to serve the patient living with a rare disease. We do this by connecting them with current, trusted, and relevant news and information. This content is delivered regularly and provided by actual patients as well as professional journalists, writers, editors, scientists, and experienced media executives.  Our end customers are truly patients living with rare diseases. 

Our  Company Culture: 
BioNews has a professionally led culture that is based on our foundation to support individuals affected by rare diseases. This means we operate as a professional organization that includes a real-life Vision, Mission, and Values. We treat our associates as professional individuals. In a professional environment, we understand and believe our actions are better when done professionally through processes that include communications,  strategic planning, business planning, organization development, leadership development, learning and development, performance management, and other human resources processes. We practice consultative management and value collaboration and firmly believe that "none of us is as good as all of us.  

BioNews Vision
To empower, inspire, and champion the patient voice as the preeminent resource that serves to engage, inform, and connect the global rare disease community.

BioNews Purpose
We connect rare disease communities by providing a unified and distinctive space to engage, educate, and empower those affected by rare diseases to help improve patient health and quality of life.

Values: R.A.R.E.


Position Summary: 

BioNews is seeking a Full Time, entry-level hire for the position of Business Analyst  to work in the Pensacola, FL office. The Business Analyst will be responsible for leveraging Business Intelligence tools to create dashboards for data visualization.

At BioNews, you will have the opportunity to work with a group of creative, supportive, and like-minded individuals who are all dedicated to the mission of getting timely, accurate, and relevant information out to our patient communities to help them be active participants in their healthcare.


Pensacola, Florida : This position is located in the corporate office in Pensacola, FL. 

Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Leverages Business Intelligence (BI) tools to create dashboards for data visualization.
  • Iterates, optimizes, and applies end user feedback to existing dashboards.
  • Recognizes use case scenarios for new applications of existing data.
  • Systemizes quality assurance for data architecture, prioritizing data integrity.
  • Processes data according to the strictest authentication and security guidelines.
  • Conceives creative solutions in reporting to transform static environments into powerful insights tools.
  • Manages data sources and identifies areas for further integration of our toolchains.
  • Communicates with interrelated teams to identify business needs, explain reporting features, and strategize reporting functions.
  • Supports analytics team in executing further projects and initiatives.
  • Troubleshoots existing architecture and reporting environments.


  • Bachelor’s degree in relevant field (STEM desired).

Experience Required:

  • 1+ years in business analytics or education equivalent.
  • Experience with BI platforms, especially Tableau or Sisense.

Skills Required:

  • Proficient with large datasets, including SQL and Excel BUSes.

Knowledge Required:

  • Examples of dashboards or statistical models created in the past.
  • Working knowledge of Excel + SQL.
  • Familiarity with JS, JSON, Python desired.

Abilities Required:

  • Communication (oral and written) 
  • Organization 
  • Flexible 
  • Detail-oriented 
  • Team player